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2 Panel Eco-Jacket in 7-10 Days Replicated

Eco-Jacket Product replicated

500+ Replicated CDs (or even DVDs) in 7-10 Business days – Full Color Everything!
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Product Description

Eco-Jackets are a great option when you want to keep costs under control and still have a product you can be proud of. These are sometimes called cardboard sleeves and are reminiscent of the old vinyl album covers of the 60’s and 70’s. They are lightweight, easy to mail and transport, and best of all with no plastic to break, they are very durable.

Replication is the industry standard way to make CDs. Replication means your CDs are “stamped” using a glass master. Our price includes everything, we don’t nickle and dime you to death with things that are required to make your CD. There are no set-up charges or plate fees. We have all of the options you can imagine to custom build your project. Compare our pricing, you will likely get 500 CDs for the same price others will charge you for 300.

Our Disc in 7-10 days means we’ll ship your replicated CDs in 7-10 business days after we receive your master and art files. Click here to see how long it will take for your CDs to arrive to you after we ship. When you need 500 or more replicated CDs in Eco-Jackets… look no further!

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