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Bizcard and Mini Round CD in 2 Days

Bizcard and Mini CD Duplication

Bizcard and Mini Round CDs at our lowest prices yet!

These popular CDs are great for just about anything you want ot use them for. Their smaller size and unique shape sets them apart from the crowd . Order yours today!

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Product Description

Bizcard and Mini CDs can give you an edge in your marketing. They scream “Put me in your computer!” and will help deliver your message to your new prospects. We have all of the options you need to custom build your project. Bizcard CDs can hold up to 50 MB of content and Mini CDs hold up to 180 MB. Both include a full color adhesive label and a protective vinyl sleeve assembled, and ready to hand out standard in our low low price.

Our Disc in 2 days means we’ll ship your Bizcard or Mini CDs in 2 business days after we receive your master and art files. Click here to see how long it will take for your CDs to arrive to you after we ship.

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